Recent Events

August 3, 2021: Congratulations to Dr. Dan SantaLucia (#16) on the successful defense of his thesis!! The next step in Dan's scientific journey will take him across the pond to Germany. There he will be working as a postdoc at the Max Plank Institute!
July 26, 2021: Congratulations to Dr. Sungho Park (#15) on successfully defending his thesis!! Sungho's next stop will be Columbia University to work with Dr. John Owen as a postdoc!!
July 20, 2021: After much hard work and reference collecting, Michael Roy and Dr. Berry have both contributed to Comprehensive Coordination Chemistry III, an encyclopedia of coordination chemistry! Get a hardcopy set of the nine volumes for only $7380!
JANUARY 11, 2021: Welcome to a new chemistry undergraduate student to the Berry lab, Kyle Hanauska!!! Kyle will be working on electronic structure modeling with Michael Roy!!!!
NOVEMBER 20, 2020: Welcome to our newest graduate student, Samantha Stegman!!! Samantha will be working on the synthesis of heterometallic complexes containing lanthanides!
SEPTEMBER 14, 2020: A warm welcome to chemistry undergraduate Alex Pavelic to the Berry group!!! Alex will be working with Michael Trenerry on ammonia oxidation!
FEBRUARY 10, 2020: Welcome to Milton Acosta! Milton will be working on the synthesis of osmium paddlewheels!
JULY 24, 2019: Congratulations to Jill Chipman (#14) for her succesful thesis defense! Good luck out in Portland!
JUNE 20, 2019: Welcome to our REU student for the summer, Tavia Keating from Vanderbilt University!!
JUNE 15, 2019: A warm Wisconsin welcome to Alessio Nicolini, a visiting graduate student from Andrea Cornia's group at the University of Modena in Modena, Italy.
JUNE 12, 2019: Congratulations to Dan SantaLucia, Michael Roy, and Sungho Park for all passing their research proposals and achieving dissertator status!
APRIL 9, 2019: Congratulations to Michael Trenerry for receiving honorable mention for the NSF Graduate Fellowship!
APRIL 5, 2019: Welcome back Jill and John who both went to ACS Orlando! John presented several musical works while Jill gave a talk on inorganic spectroscopy and HEMACs!
JANUARY 8, 2019: Goodbye to Dr. Partha Halder as he heads back to India. Great work and safe travels!
NOVEMBER 15, 2018: Welcome to our two new first years! Trey Pankratz will be working on heterobimetallic iron compounds and Amelia Wheaton will pick up HEMACs from Jill