Recent Events

MAY 2014: Shout out to Kasia on 1st author in a book chapter about C-H Functionalization in "Progress in Inorganic Chemistry"(58).
APRIL 21, 2014: Shout to Wes on another report about "Oxidative Stretching of MM Bonds to Their Limits" in Inorganic Chemistry.
FEBRUARY 18, 2014: Shout out to Brian on your publication "Electronic tuning of Mo2(thioamidate)4 complexes" in Dalton Transactions.
JANUARY 1, 2014: Happy New Year!
DECEMBER 15, 2013: Welcome to the Berry group Burton!
SEPTEMBER 12, 2013: Congratulations to Kasia on her carbene paper just accepted in SCIENCE!
AUGUST 19, 2013: Welcome to the new first year graduate students, please come and join our group meetings Thursdays at 2:00 pm in 6313!
JUNE 24, 2013: Shout out to our newest Doctor (#6) in the group, Kasia Kornecki, great defense yesterday!
APRIL 14, 2013: Shout out to Amanda for getting the second publication of the year, "A Synthetic Cycle for Nitrogen Atom Transfer Featuring a Diruthenium Nitride Intermediate"
APRIL 1, 2013: Brian gets the first publication of the year, "Lewis Acid Enhanced Axial Ligation of [Mo2]4+ Complexes" in Inorganic Chemistry!
JANUARY 8, 2013: We would like to welcome our new Post-Doc, Tim Berto, to the group!
DECEMBER 17, 2012: Shout out to Shu on her latest paper in Polyhedron entitled, "A Convenient, high-yielding, chromatography-free method for the insertion of transition metal acetates into porphyrins"!
NOVEMBER 2, 2012: Shout out to Kasia on her latest publication in ChemComm entitled, "Introducing a Mixed-Valent Dirhodium(II,III) Catalyst with Increased Stability in C-H Amination"
SEPTEMBER 13, 2012: Congratulations Shu on your paper in JACS, entitled Covalent Attachment of Catalyst Molecules to Conductive Diamond: CO2 Reduction Using "Smart" Electrodes.
AUGUST 30, 2012: Our new group meeting time will be Thursdays at 4:30 pm in room 8341, come join us if you are in interested!