Recent Events

NOVEMBER 3, 2016 Diagmagnetic anisotropy as strong as a quadruple bond is achieved with only a single bond in Dr. Travis Sunderland's recent Chemistry European Journal Article. Congrats!
OCTOBER, 26 2016: Welcome visiting post-doc Zhi Ren from Huw Davies Group at Emory University
OCTOBER 18 2016 Jill is promoted to dissertator with her research proposal on Lewis acid enhanced oxygen atom transfer in molybdenum dioxo complexes, congrats!
OCTOBER 14, 2016 Master of the quadruple bond Dr. Brian Dolinar publishes a Dalton Transaction on the first example of a heterometallic extended metal atom node (HEMAN)
OCTOBER 11 2016 Nick gains computational control over silver catalyzed intermolecular nitrene transfer in a collaborative paper with the Schomaker group. Congrats!
SEPTEMBER 2016 Welcome new graduate students! Berry group meetings are Mondays at 3:30 PM in 9341, email Jill for the lit paper of the week
AUGUST 15, 2016: Shout out to Dr. Travis Sunderland (#9) on his successful defense!
ARRIL 19, 2016 Felicitations to Travis for his Coordination Chemistry article featuring the first bismuth(II)-rhodium(II) oxypyridinate paddlewheel complexes!
MARCH 3, 2016: Shout out to Dr. Amanda Corcos (#9) for her thesis defense today!
JANUARY 28, 2016: Shout out to Dr. Brian Dolinar on the successful defense of his thesis today!
JANUARY 25, 2016: Shout out to Amanda for her JACS communication on characterization of a Co(II) complex able to activate oxygen!
JANUARY 5, 2016: Shout out to John for his discussion on "Two-Center/Three-Electron Sigma Half-Bonds" in Accounts of chemical research.
DECEMBER 25, 2015: Shout out to Amanda for capturing the missing [AgF2]- anion in Dalton Trans.
DECEMBER, 2015: Shout out to Wes on his DPA article in Comments on Inorganic Chemistry.
NOVEMBER 17, 2015: Shout out to Travis on his paper in Dalton Transactions about heterobimetallic BiRh-complexes.