Recent Events

NOVEMBER 8, 2017 Congrats Jill on her first paper in Chem European Journal with her Mo2Ni(dpa)4Cl2 one electron oxidized complex displaying large ferromagnetic coupling!
NOVEMBER 1, 2017 Congrats Nick on another fantastic paper in JACS! Collaborative effort with the Schomaker group understanding inversion of steric effects and noncovalent interactions in silver catalyzed nitrene transfer
NOVEMBER 15, 2017 Welcome First Years Michael Aristov and Michael Trenerry to the Berry Lab (Michael Count = 3!)
OCTOBER 6, 2017 Major shoutout to Dr. Tristan R. Brown on his successful Ph.D defense (#10)
SEPTEMBER 1, 2017: Welcome to the group visiting undergraduates Esther and "British Mike"
AUGUST 28, 2017 Welcome to the department Chemistry first years! Berry Lab meetings are M and F from 12-2 PM in room 9341, come join us!
AUGUST 1, 2017: Welcome to the Berry Lab's latest post-doc Caleb Harris from Georgia Tech (Soper)
JULY 26, 2017 Shoutout to Sungho "Dima" Park for his first article! Characterizing a series of mononuclear Ru complexes supported by a pentapyridyl ligand scaffold. Nice work!
JULY 17, 2017 Shoutout to the boss for writing an editorial on Metal-Metal bonds in honor of the 10th anniversary of F. Albert Cotton's passing. Great special issue and editorial John
JUNE 1, 2017 Welcome REU Summer Students Bria Garcia from Lincoln University and Wyatt Smith from Lawrence University to the Berry Lab!
JUNE 1, 2017: Welcome Post-Doc Christian Wallen to the Berry Group from Emory University (Scarborough)
APRIL 3, 2017: Shoutout to the boss for adding some insights into the mechanism of reactivity via catalyst-controlled nitrene transfer by tuning metal:ligand ratios! Congrats!
FEBRUARY 8, 2017 Nick presents a fantastic fourth year seminar on high throughput computing in transition metal catalyzed atom transfer, great job!
DECEMBER 22,2016 Dr. Amanda Corcos manipulates a Ru2 core supported by the anilinopyridinate ligand to synthesize five new compounds having different oxidation states and labile axial ligands. Congrats!
NOVEMBER 15, 2016 Welcome First Years Dan SantaLucia and Michael Roy to the Berry Group!