Lab Equipment

Infrared Spectrometer - For the characterization of both metal complexes and of the ligands used to make them.

Electrochemical Set-up -  Potentiostat (not-pictured) and cell stand for use in electrochemical investigations.

Solvent Stills -  Our lab currently distills acetonitrile, dichloromethane, ethanol, and methanol.

Vacuum Solvent Purification System -  Our lab currently uses a solvent purification system for pentane

Dry Glovebox -   Our lab uses this box to prepare reagents for use in reactions on Schlenk lines as well as for storage.

Reaction Glovebox -  Our reaction glovebox contains a miniature Schlenk line, stir plates, and a balance that allow us to run reactions.

Standard Working Space - Each lab member has their own hood to work in.

Crystallizations - Following the synthesis of new compounds, lab members typically crystallize compounds in order to obtain a structure.



SQUID Magnetometer - For the analysis of a material's magnetic properties. And it has a website!

Mössbauer Spectrometer - A useful tool for determining the oxidation state of various nuclei. If you like iron, you'll love Mössbauer!


To access the instruments: Please contact Trey Pankratz ( for access to the instrument gmail calendars and training